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  pharmaceutical marketing

Project "pharmaceutical marketing" It is created by a command of the professional experts in marketing having a wide experience of work at the large pharmaceutical enterprises. authors have tried to capture whenever possible most prominent aspects of management of commercial activity of the enterprises concerning distribution of pharmaceutical preparations from the enterprises-manufacturers to a retail network. however, owing to complexity and dimensions of these questions not all of them are shined equally and some has undressed a site while are in a working out stage.

The purpose of the given project is association of the professional experts in marketing working in the pharmaceutical market for an exchange as experience, techniques and ideas. authors have placed some own workings out, articles and techniques on a site that, certainly, will make this resource useful to the expert of any level. the theory and practice of statement of business processes at the enterprise are in detail considered. also on a site references to internet resources, direct image connected with marketing in its classical understanding are given. recently the information lack on has started to be filled with not so qualitative literature containing or "tracing-paper" from the western theoretical editions, or free interpretation of main principles of marketing on a pharmaceutical harmony. unfortunately, both that and another is a little suitable for practical work in difficult realities of the modern market.

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  • The system of distribution of medical products and products of medical appointment long time was closed and self-sufficient
  • Activity of the pharmaceutical enterprises for the overwhelming majority of questions was rigidly regulated by state
  • Of a competition practically did not exist
  • Profitability of activity was enough high for break-even work.

As consequence of all aforesaid, the pharmaceutical market currently from the point of view of marketing represents interesting enough phenomenon. at the competitive struggle which has considerably become aggravated lately for successful work in roughly developing pharmaceutical market classical marketing strategy and techniques need considerable updating. the basic sections of our site are devoted decisions of these questions. we hope that the given site will be useful to experts of the pharmaceutical market.

Yours faithfully, collective of project "".

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