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In this section we plan to place news of the pharmaceutical market concerning questions considered within the limits of project "pharmaceutical marketing".

New heads of open society "" - chairman of board of directors denis volchek and general director sergey ivanov - for the first time have appeared before journalists.
40% "-" (19,9%) Globe Business Inv. "- " 14% 20%

In moscow there has passed presentation of the project of non-standard packings for medicines
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In nizhni novgorod the first meeting of noncommercial partnership
Desire has taken place to become members of "partner" have expressed more than 150 private and municipal drugstores, and also some large chemist's networks. among them - a network "the peak-nn", which head herman knyazev became the initiator of creation of association.  the main thing, on what was paid attention, - absence of mutual understanding between the nizhniy novgorod legislators and representativespassing of laws, local authorities do not consider opinion of those who is occupied in pharmacology sphere, and it complicates the last work.
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Ministry of health informs on a procedure for registration of pharmaceutical substances
" () 26.03.99., 01.07.02.

Of nizhfarm "has begun the program of support of medical institutions
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In barnaul new pharmaceutical factory" "
- "" - (GP). - 3,5

The tax to medicines has opened will be excellent


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